Monday, December 19, 2016

Improving Your Church Communication for the Holidays

Improving Your Church Communication 
Christmas is easily the busiest time in the calendar for any church, but without clear communication, volunteer drives will fall flat, the congregation won’t be properly informed about special events, and your guests and visitors will feel lost and confused. Church digital signage can drastically improve communication during the holiday season, allowing you to deliver a clear and consistent message.
There are millions of ways you can use digital signage for the benefit of your church community, not just with the holidays. Here are a few ways REACH can help with your overall communication, while still making it fast and easy!

Engage your audience with festive announcements on-the-fly

Church digital signage allows you to quickly and easily change the style of your messages throughout the year. Using Christmas colors and decorations across your communications enhances the festive season.
The traditional method of designing, printing, and sticking up new posters in time for your Christmas events drains the resources of your creative team who are busy enough. Using digital signage instead will allow you to deliver festive communications with significantly less effort – and of course, you can continue to change the style throughout the year.

Promote Services Outside the Sanctuary with Live-streaming 

Christmas should be an inclusive time, but for the volunteers out in reception, or the mothers sitting outside the service with their babies, the story can be quite different. REACH Digital Signage has a solution: live-streaming your services in other areas of your church.
Live-streaming your service across your campus will ensure as many people get to hear and be impacted by the sermon as possible, all at the same time. When the entire congregation receives your message simultaneously, you will help build a stronger community. 
This functionality is also incredibly useful if you hit capacity and need to use an overflow room. By having a streaming solution setup through your digital signage, you can be confident that every person who walks through your doors will have an opportunity to hear your message.

Provide Wayfinding and Welcome First-time Visitors

Many visitors first come to church on Christmas, either through an invitation or simply because that is the one time of year they like to attend church. Established church-goers feel at home when in church, but for those coming for the first time the experience can be overwhelming, especially if you have a large congregation.
Church digital signage can help ensure that every visitor feels at home straight away, even if they manage to dodge your enthusiastic welcome team. Effective signage will quickly orient your first-time visitors and they’ll quickly become familiar with your campus. When your congregation can confidently and safely navigate the church campus and is able to develop positive interactions within it, the frequent outcome is loyalty and long-term engagement.
Effective digital wayfinding in a holiday theme will improve your visitors’ experience and allow them to relax and enjoy the service. 

Encourage Online and Social Media Interactivity

As one of your key methods of communicating your message, your social media campaigns need to be front and center for all to see. A great way of boosting visibility and encouraging interactivity is to showcase your social media posts around your church campus using digital signage. This will expand your reach, create excitement and encourage the congregation to engage with the church through social media.

Keep your Congregation Safe

As Christmas approaches, a disaster is the last thing you want to think about. But in the event of an emergency, such as a fire, you will want to provide your congregation with the best guidance possible.
Digital signage can help you in the event of a problem using our alert system. Digital signage will direct your visitors to their nearest exit and prevent everyone from making the dash to the front door which can create jams and accidents. Having clear signage will also reassure everyone that the situation is under control, helping them to remain calm.
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