Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Making the most of your digital signage content over the holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, it is undoubtedly one of the most exciting, yet stressful times of the year. With a very user-friendly software, however, you can eliminate the stress and focus on connecting with your consumers instantly with value-added content. 

In today's world, it is becoming more and more relevant that consumers are no longer looking for the lowest price-they expect an engaging experience they can invest in. No matter what type of facility or market your digital signage may be placed in-good content is key. Especially during the holidays, you have an opportunity to showcase and drive your product/service instantly through your content management system.

Here are a few ways you can accomplish successful content, no matter what vertical you may have your signage in:

1. Relevant Content

Your audience doesn't want to see the same content you've had displaying every holiday for the past 5 years. Updating your content and keeping it relevant to the currently holiday season enhances engagement with your brand. The content should align with what you're promoting and your look/feel-not just holiday-themed content "just because". Additionally, the great thing about our software is that you can add quick animation to your images/text and add a little pop to each message/announcement, which brings me to our next tip...

2. Animated images and video

A vital piece of any good digital signage content is movement. Movement will catch your audience's attention instantly and enhance the excitement. This can also drive your consumers to respond to your message and/or buy your product or service you are promoting. Having static content is like owning a Mercedes and only driving it down to the local shops-there's no point in having it if you're not going to use it to it's full potential :)

3. Flawless Presentation

If you have more than one screen, whether that be in the form of a multiple screens throughout one building, multiple locations, or even a video wall—each display should be talking to one another. Avoid playing the same content on each individual screen throughout your store. Instead, work in some creative holiday messaging that may display at different times on your screens vs. all at once. For a video wall, utilize different widget options vs. stretching an image across all displays-focus on engaging multiple types of audiences through one product.

To summarize, display targeted, personalized messages  to whoever is standing in front of your digital display at one time. Imagine the possibilities for upselling your product or service with your signage software.

Be sure you're using it to your advantage over the upcoming holiday season. With good content, interactivity and targeted messaging, you'll be sure to engage consumers, stand out from the crowd and drive sales.

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